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PT Portugal seeks to build successful relationships with suppliers that contribute, in an active way, with new products, services or solutions that add value to the company and its customers.

Due to its great dimension, PT Portugal has implemented a Procurement Model that seeks its competitive differentiation which simultaneously generates mutual benefits for all the participants involved.

To become a supplier you must be registered in the Suppliers Club of PT Portugal.

The registration process considers three phases:

  • Pre-registration where the supplier enters the main company data;

  • Sending a letter to the Suppliers Club management entity that results from the pre-registration phase, which must be signed by the persons who represent the Company;

  • Upon receipt of the letter of pre-registration mentioned in the preceding paragraph, a user and password are sent to the supplier which will allow for authentication within the Suppliers Club site, where he should enter the remaining information about the company so as to complete the registration process.