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Objectives of the Suppliers Registration
Registration in the Suppliers Club will enhance a partnership which is relevant for the development of the activity of PT Portugal. This is a precondition for suppliers to be awarded in tenders launched by PT.
Each supplier will be assigned a restricted area within the Suppliers Club site, where the entered information will be available for consultation and/or alteration by the company itself.

Registration Procedures
To register you must meet the following requirements:

A. Pre-Registration

Fill in the pre-registration form on the Suppliers Club site with the Company’s key data and that of your representative for matters related to the Suppliers Club.

You should define, at this stage, the typology which is the most adequate for your company and registering as a Type A or a Type B supplier according to the expected turnover from PT Portugal:

Type A Supplier Annual turnover exceeding €50,000;
Entitled to take part in any tenders

Type B Supplier Annual turnover of less than €50,000.
Entitled to take part in tenders of less than €50,000

B. Letter of Request for Authorization to Register

After completing the pre-registration, a draft letter requesting permission for registration will be automatically issued, addressed to the managing entity, which should be printed and signed by the persons with powers to sign for the Company and their signatures duly certified for this purpose. This procedure aims to ensure that the representative indicated in the letter is recognized as head of your Company for matters relating to the Suppliers Club.

C. Authorization to Register

After the reception of the letter of request for authorization to register, the PT suppliers’ managing area will check if the information is complete and the signatures duly certified.

If the letter received meets the requirements, you will receive a confidential e-mail, addressed to the representative of the Company, with the login and password to access the restricted area for the introduction of the detailed data of your Company

If the letter received does not meet all the requirements set, an e-mail will be sent to the representative of the company informing on the situation.
There will be a period of 15 days for fulfilling the requirements that have not been fully met, after which the registration process will be cancelled.

D. Registration

After receiving the confidential e-mail with the user and password to access the restricted area, the representative of the Company should access the Suppliers Club site and enter the requested information

The requested information, classified as mandatory or optional, is made up of the Company's data, the structured indication of the Products and Services for which the Company considers it has an adequate offer, and the indication of the business contacts associated to the products and services

For the registration to be completed and accepted, all information classified as mandatory must be filled in after which an e-mail is sent to the representative of the Company confirming the registration in Suppliers Club

From then on, the company is able to be awarded by PT Portugal in the respective tender processes. However, Portugal Telecom reserves the right to, in every negotiation process, make a pre-selection of suppliers to be consulted.

E. Registration Fee and Annuities

Registering with Suppliers Club da PT involves the payment, by the supplier, of a registration fee and, in subsequent years, of an annuity that will be charged on a date to be determined. The values vary according to the type of supplier:
Type A Supplier

Registration Fee: €1.500
Annuity: €450

Type B Supplier

Registration Fee: €50
Annuity: €10

( If applicable, VAT at the legal rate must be added to the stated values
In case of non-payment of the above values the PT suppliers managing entity reserves the right to suspend and/or revoke the registration of the supplier, thereby precluded from even being consulted on future tenders of PT Portugal.

Suppliers who have not been consulted by PT during a one-year period prior to the date of the last billing of the entry fee or annuity, shall be exempt from payment of the annuity the following year.

We also inform that, during the pre−registration phase, your company is able to take part in tenders launched by PT Portugal. However, in order to be potentially awarded/to receive purchase orders from PT Portugal the company must be registered in the PT Suppliers Club.

F. Code of Conduct for Social Responsibility

The total alignment of our suppliers with the principles enshrined in the Code of Conduct for Social Responsibility is absolutely fundamental for PT Portugal. We are certain that the values of our Code of Conduct are in line with your principles of action.

Access here the Code of Conduct for Social Responsibility of PT Portugal.

G. Liability and Confidentiality of Information

The information placed on the Suppliers Club site is the sole responsibility of each supplier who may consult it at any time. The supplier shall maintain and continually update the information.

The supplier can also ask, at any time, that data be eliminated through a written communication addressed to the suppliers managing entity.

Each company can only view its own information as the portal has mechanisms to protect against external access. Nevertheless, given that it collects data on open networks, the data can travel on the network without security, at the risk of being seen by unauthorized parties. Thus, data security is also a responsibility of the supplier, who should take appropriate measures to prevent the unauthorized access by third parties, by making diligent use of the user and password assigned to him, not making them available to other non-authorized persons.

The supplier shall be responsible for all damages caused by the misuse or loss of the user and password in which case the managing entity cannot be responsible for any modification, removal or addition of any data by third parties.

The managing entity reserves the right to, at any time and without prior notice and with immediate effect, change, add, update or delete some or all of the General Conditions of Registration.

You must fill out the form with the main data of your Company and its representative who, we remind, will be your contact for matters relating to the Suppliers Club of PT Portugal.