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  1. Purpose and Scope

    1.1.     These Regulations establish the rules that regulate access, use, features and services of the Suppliers Club of PT Portugal ("Suppliers Club").

    1.2.     These Regulations apply to any Supplier registered with the Suppliers Club ("supplier"), as described in paragraph 3 below.

    1.3.     These Regulations do not preclude the application of any legal rules, or any other conditions set by PT Portugal, or other public entities, to access and / or use the Suppliers Club or any features / services / initiatives contained therein ("Services").

    1.4.     These Regulations shall be complied with in full, so, if the Supplier does not agree with any one of its terms, at any given time, he must request the cancellation of his registration from the Suppliers Club.

  2. Description of the Suppliers Club 

    2.1.     PT Portugal manages and administers the Suppliers Club, with the purpose of ensuring the relationship between itself and its potential suppliers, by favoring the systematic exchange of information about contacts, products and services of existing and potential suppliers, and centralizing all activities of market prospecting and product/services purchasing for PT Portugal.

    2.2.     The Suppliers Club will allow the registered Suppliers to benefit from a range of advantages available to them on its Internet site, at all times.

  3. Terms of Entry

    3.1.     Any entity who wishes to establish a commercial relationship with PT Portugal as a supplier, may apply for membership in the Suppliers Club.

    In that case, candidates should access the Suppliers Club Internet site and: 

     Register their Company, providing all relevant information and complying with all the necessary requirements; 

    •  Pay the registration fee (“Entry Fee”) and maintenance fee ("Annuity"), as per the conditions set out.

  4. Cancellation of Registration

    4.1.     The supplier may, at any time, cancel his registration with the Suppliers Club, in its reserved area on the Suppliers Club Internet site.

    4.2.     At the sole discretion of the managers of the Suppliers Club of PT Portugal, the supplier’s registration may also be cancelled in case of:

               (i)  Failure to pay the annuity;

               (ii)  Serious failure to comply with any Suppliers Club rules;

               (iii)      Supplier’s cease of activity;

               (iv)      Termination of the Suppliers Club.

  5. The Suppliers Club’s Conditions of Use

    5.1.     The supplier is bound by the applicable laws and regulations, as well as by the policies, manuals and guidelines of PT Portugal, including the Code of Conduct for Social Responsibility, its Information Security Policy and its Infrastructure Security Policy, available on the Clube de

    5.2. The supplier undertakes to make a responsible, prudent and careful use of the Suppliers Club, refraining from disturbing or degrading the continuity, integrity and quality of its features and functionality. The Supplier further undertakes not to use the Suppliers Club in a manner that is likely to violate the rights of PT Portugal.

    5.3. The supplier is responsible for updating the information contained in his registration with the Suppliers Club. Thus, PT Portugal is not responsible for any damages or injury caused by the incorrect identity of suppliers and the lack of veracity, validity and authenticity of their data.

  6. Copyright and Intellectual Property

    6.1.     The Suppliers Club is owned by PT Portugal, and its contents, including brands, design, logos, images, photographs, videos and software presented or displayed therein are protected under the laws of Portugal, the European Union or international conventions on intellectual property rights or related rights of PT Portugal companies or third parties.

    6.2.     The supplier may not, under any circumstance, copy, import, use or exploit, directly or via a third party, any of the items included in the Suppliers Club, whether for commercial use or not, without the prior written authorization of PT Portugal or the third party owner of such rights. 

    6.3.     Any attempt to change information, upload of information or any other action that may cause damage and put at risk the integrity of the system, is strictly forbidden and may be punishable by law.

    6.4.     PT Portugal reserves the right to, at any given moment, take all necessary measures - including restrictions or limitations on access, to ensure the integrity and safety of the Suppliers Club or to prevent the loss, misuse or modification of the content therein.

  7. Responsibility

    7.1.     It is the intention of PT Portugal to keep all information contained in the Suppliers Club permanently updated, and to make its best efforts to correct all reported errors.

    7.2.     Without prejudice to the provisions of paragraph 7.1, PT Portugal warns that the information available at the Suppliers Club is: (i) not necessarily comprehensive, updated or strictly accurate, (ii) is sometimes linked to external sites over which it has no control or responsibility.

    7.3.     The content present in the Suppliers Club should not be read as advice or suggestion, nor does it establish any contractual relationship between the parties. Portugal Telecom is not liable for any loss or damage suffered by any Supplier, for the information contained in the Club.

    7.4.     PT Portugal will make its best efforts to minimize any inconvenience caused by technical failures or errors. However, certain information or other content contained in the Suppliers Club may have been created or developed in files or formats that are not free of errors, which may cause interruption or disruption in the access to its site. PT Portugal is not responsible for any failure that is attributable to third parties that block, restrict or prevent access or use of the Suppliers Club.

    7.5.     The use of content made available or downloaded by, or through the Suppliers Club, is the Supplier’s sole responsibility. PT Portugal is not responsible for any damage and / or loss, including loss of data and information, resulting from its use. If the Supplier has doubts regarding compatibility or authenticity of such content, he should not download or use it, and should contact PT Portugal using the contacts provided on the homepage.

    7.6.     If the information on the Suppliers Club differs, to some extent, from the official information provided by PT Portugal in paper, the latter shall prevail.

  8. Processing of Personal Data

    8.1.     Personal data provided by Suppliers will be used by PT Portugal for purposes of management of the Supplier contacts and centralization of protection activities and market consultation, and purchase of products and services for PT Portugal. PT Portugal undertakes to process and use personal data received from those who access or use its site, in accordance with the Privacy Policy and the Laws.

    8.2.     Each Supplier can only see the information entered by itself in the Suppliers Club, and PT Portugal will ensure the existence of security mechanisms in order to protect the submitted personal data. However, due to the fact that the collection of such data is done on an open network, if the Supplier, when accessing the site, does not have the necessary protective barriers (anti-virus, firewall, anti-spyware, etc..), when browsing the Internet, the personal data he submits can be viewed and used by unauthorized third parties.

    8.3.     Under the law, the holder of the data submitted to the Suppliers Club, may request access, correction or deletion of the personal data, by written request sent to PT Portugal. 

    8.4.     By making the registration and becoming a member of the Suppliers Club, the suppliers automatically consents to the conditions of processing of the personal data submitted for that effect, and thereby declares to have fulfilled all legal obligations regarding privacy and processing of personal data, including any applicable requirement made by the National Committee for Data Protection and by the data subjects themselves.

  9. Amendments to the Regulations

    PT Portugal reserves the right to change and / or update all or part of these Regulations, at any time, and will – in whichever case – provide an updated version in the area reserved for that effect, in the Suppliers Club site.

  10. Law and Jurisdiction

    10.1.      These Regulations shall be governed by the Portuguese law.

    10.2.      The disputes that may arise regarding the interpretation, execution or application of the rules contained in the Regulations, and which are not resolved by mutual agreement, shall be settled by the District Court of Lisbon, with express waiver of any other.