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Altice Portugal is committed to achieving and promoting standards of social and environmental responsibility throughout its supply chain.As a condition of access to the Suppliers Club, which presents Altice Portugal's expectations regarding the performance of its suppliers in the areas of ethics, human rights and labor practices, safety and health at work and environment, our suppliers must act in accordance with this Code of Conduct and apply it to its direct and indirect employees. By accepting the commitments of this Code of Conduct, suppliers acknowledge that all current and future agreements, contracts and business relationships with Altice Portugal are subject to the provisions contained in this document.

The Code of Conduct for Social Responsibility for Suppliers of Altice Portugal is structured as follows:

  1. Accountability and Ethical Conduct
    The supplier or potential supplier of Altice Portugal affirms its commitment to the enunciated principles of ethical conduct, ensuring its application in the relationship with its stakeholders, through the following commitments:

    Compliance with the applicable legislation Compliance with all applicable legislation and regulations, as well as the industry standards in which it operates. When the provisions of this Code of Conduct are more stringent than the applicable local, national or international law, the supplier shall comply with this Code. If there is a conflict between the requirements of this Code of Conduct and the requirements of any applicable local, national or international law, the supplier shall comply with the applicable law.
    Anti-corruption Compliance with applicable legislation, as well as the United Nations Global Compact principles, of which Altice Portugal is a signatory, which provides that businesses must fight corruption in all its forms, namely: bribery, embezzlement, extortion or other corruption forms in their relations with third parties. Its involvement will be only made by legitimate business and ethical practices in commercial transactions and will not pay or accept any payment or other benefit as an inducement or reward for any act or abstain from acting, forcing itself to respect the principles set out in the Anti-Corruption Policy of Altice Portugal.
    Intellectual Property and confidential information The Intellectual property rights will be respected and the commercial, operational or other information associated with products or services of Altice Portugal or of any third party will be preserved, which implies the non-disclosure of such information to other people in the supplier’s organization or external to the same, except if the knowledge or use is strictly necessary.
    Fair Competition - Full compliance with competition-related legislation, applicable to the activity, in order to promote free and fair competition, ensuring that companies engage in competition by offering competitive prices, innovative products and better services without interfering with supply and demand forces of the market.
  2. Human Rights and Labor Practices
    The supplier or potential supplier of Altice Portugal affirms its support for fundamental human rights by stating and ensuring that its workers enjoy all the rights and duties established in current legislation of the country in which they are operating and in the International Conventions without any restriction. This warranty applies to all its workers, including those who are on temporary work or internship and service providers and is extendable to entities subcontracted to them.

    Employment freedom The creation of free employment shall be respected and any involvement or support in the use of forced or compulsory labor and human trafficking shall be prohibited, with particular attention to migrants and other vulnerable groups.
    Prohibition of child labor There will be no recourse to child labor. Age and mandatory minimum education in their respective countries shall always be respected. All applicable laws and regulations relating to minors employment will be complied.
    Working hours Workers must maintain the working hours in accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations. The provision of additional work will be voluntary, whenever possible, and won’t be required as a standard nor could constitute a form of regular replacement of insufficient wages, being always remunerated in accordance with the national legislation and Collective Agreements.
    Remuneration and benefits Workers will receive salaries, allowances and other social benefits, at least equal to what is established in the applicable legislation and regulations. Deductions from salaries will not be made without the worker's authorization, except those permitted by the legislation or collective agreements.
    Non-discrimination Discrimination in hiring practices, employment, and access to training, career advancement or any other working condition shall be prohibited, so that all workers enjoy equal opportunities and treatment irrespective of their ethnic origin, color, nationality, gender, religion, age, political affiliation, social origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other characteristics.
    Coercion and harassment Workers shall be treated with dignity and respect, and corporal punishment, threats of violence or other forms of harassment or coercion shall be prohibited, whether based on their ethnic origin, color, nationality, gender, religion, age, political affiliation, social origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other characteristics.
    Training and retraining Workers shall be given the opportunity to participate in professional training and/or requalification programs, with the aim of ensuring their good professional performance and their ability to work, taking into account the individual needs of each.
    Recognition of the right to online communication Commitment to recognize the worker’s right of online communication.
  3. Occupational Health and Safety
    The supplier or potential supplier of Altice Portugal affirms its commitment to providing working conditions and a healthy work environment.

    Legal Compliance Assurance of the compliance with the applicable legislation on Occupational Health and Safety or in accordance with Conduct International Safety Standards.
    Workplace safety It is guaranteed to workers that workplaces are safe, hygienic and do not involve risks to their health and safety. Whenever necessary and at no cost to the worker, clothing and personal protective equipment to enhance safety and prevent the risk of accidents or occupational incidents or other harmful effects to the health of workers are provided.
    Self-protection measures Procedures will be established to handle with emergencies, such as fires, floods, environmental accidents and natural disasters.
    Training Workers training will be provided to promote the development of skills in the scope of Occupational Health and Safety.
  4. Environmental Responsibility
    The supplier and potential supplier of Altice Portugal affirms its support and respect for the standards and principles applicable in the context of environmental protection.

    Environment respect The applicable environmental legislation and regulations will be fully complied and it will be established procedures and practices for the identification of environmental aspects, with a perspective of continuous improvement of its environmental performance.
    Conservation of resources Natural resources will be conserved, energy efficiency will be promoted and waste and the use of hazardous substances will be reduced.
  5. Compliance
    At the monitoring level of the compliance related to the provisions of the present Code of Conduct, the supplier or potential supplier of Altice Portugal affirms its commitment to comply with and enforce the principles formulated in this Code of Conduct through the following commitments:

    Compliance with the Code of Conduct The supplier or potential supplier of Altice Portugal ensures that its suppliers and subcontractors comply with the commitments and requirements of this Code. It is recommended that the supplier also evaluate its suppliers and subcontractors based on their ability to comply with the requirements of this Code of Conduct. It is the responsibility of suppliers to sensitize and inform their suppliers and subcontractors.
    Monitoring Activities In a perspective of continuous improvement, suppliers and/or its subcontractors shall undertake to participate in Altice Portugal monitoring activities regarding the alignment with this Code of Conduct.

These activities include the authorization of access of Altice Portugal workers or others on their behalf to their facilities, follow-up visits, access to information and documents on the management of their activity that allow to measure compliance with this Code of Conduct. Such activities may result in a plan of remedial or corrective actions, agreed between the two parties, whenever there is non-compliance with the guidelines of this Code of Conduct