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Values and Conduct

The preservation of ethical values has always been a concern for PT Portugal given the scope of its business and its size.

To ensure the existence of a relationship of reciprocal transparency during the procurement process, any benefit for PT Portugal must always be presented in the supplier ‘s proposal, manifested through a better price or service, without the use of any other forms of influence.

PT Portugal expects its suppliers to have an attitude of constant proactivity in proposing innovative solutions that may potentiate income, as well as the quest for rationalization of costs.

Suppliers shall respect the established channels of communication set out by PT Portugal, presenting and negotiating the proposals through the appropriate representatives for each purchase process.

Sustainability is an integral part of the company's activity management and sustainable Procurement is the way we set for the establishment of lasting and rewarding relationship for all parties. In this sense, PT Portugal drew up a Social Responsibility Code and an Enterprise Sustainability and Social Responsibility Policy in order to systematize all the inherent aspects, waiting for all of its suppliers and partners the commitment to the described guidelines.