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The PT Portugal corporate sustainability strategy is integrated, in a coherent and transversal manner, based on the development of a vast set of practices and processes with three main areas of focus: economic, environmental and social.

The Procurement Unity, due to being the interface between the market and PT Portugal companies for the acquisition of goods and services, plays a fundamental role in the corporate sustainability policies of the company.

Model of Sustainability of Selection and Contracting of Suppliers of PT Portugal

The Procurement Model of PT Portugal is ruled by solid principles aimed at achieving increasingly more and better results for all participants in the process. In this way, the teamwork, the attitude of continuous improvement, compliance with the principles on ethics and transparency that are inherent to the procurement function and respect for the environment and human rights are key premises of the adopted model.

Ethical Principles

Apart from being guided by the Code of Ethics and by the Sustainability and Social Responsibility Policy of PT Portugal, the application of the PT Procurement Model to negotiating relations with suppliers is reflected in the following practices that are disseminated to and observed by all stakeholders:


All information must be provided formally to the potential suppliers during a procurement process ensuring transparency in access to the information.

Equal Opportunities

Equal opportunities are guaranteed to all suppliers offering comparable conditions during the negotiation process, allowing PT Portugal openness to all suppliers.

Access to Information

Suppliers may access all the information and clarifications they need on any matter of the negotiations in progress, in a clear, complete and cordial manner.

Reciprocity and Accuracy

Both parties should define in detail all the conditions relative to delivery deadlines, prices, payments, conditions of acquisition and attribution of responsibilities.


The participants in the negotiation process should take into account the company’s objectives, seeking to meet its needs in the most advantageous and credible form.

Reciprocal Procurement

Reciprocal negotiations should not constrain or interfere with the result of any negotiation process.


A PT Portugal and suppliers should ensure the confidentiality of all information exchanged during a procurement process.

Selection and Contracting of Suppliers

PT Portugal has adopted rules which ensure that over the entire relationship with the suppliers there are always documents regulating minimum standards relative to ethical conduct and social responsibility regarding:

Attraction of New Suppliers

The Code of Ethics signals, a priori, conduct and standards in relation to the ethics, environmental protection and social responsibility of all suppliers wishing to interact with PT Portugal.

Suppliers Registration

In order to collect systematized information and inform suppliers on best practices, the process of registration of suppliers includes a questionnaire with detailed questions on the policies followed concerning quality, environment, social responsibility, and health and safety at work.

Market Tenders

Market tender processes also include the Code of Conduct of Social Responsibility signed between PT and UNI (Union Network International). Each supplier consulted should deliver, together with its proposal, a document where it states that it respects and complies, in the context of its activity, with the fundamental human rights in the community and workplaces, namely, the aspects established in the abovementioned Code of Conduct (fundamental rights, applicable rules and principles on matters of the environment, safety, health and hygiene in workplaces).

Suppliers Selection

All suppliers participating in tenders should also present, together with the technical proposal, a document confirming the existence of an agreement with good environmental practices, as well as their respective capacity to develop the activity object of the tender under the terms of the applicable environmental legislation and, especially, the provisions in the general system for the management of waste and pertinent specific legislation concerning the activity object of the tender. The declared level of social responsibility and ensured level of environmental protection constitute, amongst others, assessment criteria for possible award.


The contractual models negotiated with the suppliers specify their compliance with the environmental legislation applicable to the activity developed under the contract in question, as well as with the legal and regulatory provisions concerning safety, hygiene and health at work. In this way, PT Portugal ensures that, over the entire supply cycle of any business partner, there are strong rules that are socially accepted and integrated in the PT universe, which regulate alignment at social, environmental and ethical-economic levels.

Strategic Alignment in the Value Chain

For PT Portugal it is fundamental to create conditions to foster alignment between its own principles and those of its suppliers, in the belief that only in this way will long lasting partnerships be created with mutual advantages and beneficial results for society and the environment.